Media Day #2

A secondary media day was held after practice today. I guess you could call it more of an “entertainment day” as LakersTV, FSN, & KCAL were in attendance. This second go around gives those outlets a chance to round out their green screen needs that weren’t addressed in the midst of the madness that was October 1st.

I hung out around the LakersTV booth watching each Laker take their turn reading various PSAs and answering questions for the “My Laker Profiles” that run on the big screen’s at STAPLES before the games.

Who’s the funniest Laker?
Lamar Odom with Ronny Turiaf coming in a close second. Multiple guys mentioned how Lamar keeps the mood light around the locker room and how his status as one of the vets allows him to get away with saying things the younger guys can’t. Lamar even voted for himself so it was a clean sweep for LO.

No one will be surprised that Turiaf was also on the list. Fans can get a sense of Ronny’s personality just by watching his antics on the bench and various celebratory dances on the court. Guard Sasha Vujacic did an admirable job when asked to re-create a “Ronny Dance”, Jordan Farmar took it to a higher level with his rendition, but neither held a candle to the steps Vladimir Radmanovic as he channeled his inner Turiaf. Not only did Vladi have Ronny down to a tee, but he kept it going for a solid 30 seconds and finished off with an authoritative point.

Hopefully we can get an outtakes video together.

Sasha’s Hair
071027sasha.jpgThe topic of “worst hair” was also broached and Sasha was the runaway winner/loser (how ever you want to look at it). Vujacic’s new look was described by Jordan as very “High School Musical” and Chris Mihm took to calling him “Beatles’ Boy”.

Vujacic actually came out of the locker room with the slightly slicked back look that he’s been going to mid-way through games after he gets a good lather going. When asked who had the best hair on the team Sasha responded, “All the guys on the team with long hair… I’m the only one.”

The two stars shaved into the back of Lamar Odom’s head drew a lot of jeers and cheers, but were mostly given the rockstar seal of approval. Luke Walton bestowed Odom with both the best and worst hair awards because he keeps the stars nice and tight, but then pointed to the middle of his head and said, “but his hairline starts about here.”

Be on the lookout for the profile videos before the games and at some point on