Lakers Today: 10/28/07

Saturday’s post-practice remarks (you can watch them on our Video Page) caused a stir among the press. Here’s the latest from the beat.

  • Kevin Ding’s blog speaks to the point that Phil Jackson is not a man that is wasteful of his words. Phil’s words are always pointed and usually directed squarely at a target. For the first time it’s clear that Jackson’s fortunes aren’t directly tied to those of Bryant’s.
  • An overview of the situation can be found in the here and here.
  • The Daily news checks with an article here and a blog entry here.
  • ESPN’s Chris Sheridan says the Lakers and Bulls talk daily. Sheridan predicts that the Lakers will finish second in the Pacific Division, but miss the playoffs in ESPN’s Daily Dime Preview. Opinions on the how and why vary, but none of the pundits have the Purple and Gold finishing better than the 7th place finish they turned in last year and some have them finishing as low as 10th in the Western Conference. The average predicted finish of 8.4 would leave the Lakers on the outside looking in.
  • Forum Blue and Gold also has a preview that answers some of the pressing questions.