Lakers Today: 10/29/07

News was light yesterday as the team got the day off from Head Coach Phil Jackson. The team will be back at it today at the practice facility as they tune up for tomorrow’s opening night tilt against the Houston Rockets.

  • Lamar’s out, Kobe has a tweaked wrist and isn’t happy, but Andrew Bynum had a strong pre-season, has all of this really become business as usual? Apparently so.
    Also some good info on rookie guard Javaris Crittenton:

    He has watched “Always Showtime,” a highlight video about Johnson, too many times to count. Now he is hoping to eventually create a few highlights of his own.

    “I want to be rookie of the year,” he said with sincerity. “With that said, you need playing time, and it has to be earned.”

    Some of the things Javaris has said can come off as cocky when read off a page, but to hear him say it is a completely different thing. He’s got an air of self-confidence about him that comes off more respectful than boastful. He’ll be fun to watch this year no matter what his role.

  • Expectations among pundits haven’t been this low in a long while and maybe that bothers this Lakers team… or maybe it doesn’t.

    Since the Lakers are already being written off by pundits, can they use the snubs as motivation? “Sure,” Bryant said. “They said that a couple years ago, and we had a great run in the postseason. We weren’t supposed to make it last year either, and we managed to get in there despite all the injuries we had. It’s kind of been the case every year. I don’t think anybody particularly cares about what’s being said.”

  • More trade talk coming out of the Chicago area.
  • For those of you wondering how the Lakers are being perceived in the Phillipines, check this out.
    Spolier Alert: It’s pretty much the same as in the States.