Lamar Involved in a Traffic Accident

Heard rumblings about this at the game last night, but here’s the story from Yahoo (through TMZ) and more details from beat writer Brad Turner.

Lamar Odom was in a two-car accident Tuesday on his way to the team’s shootaround in El Segundo.

Odom was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and given a CT scan that showed he had a slight concussion.

Odom, who was placed in the inactive list for Tuesday night’s season opener while the left shoulder he had surgery on gets stronger, attended the game.

Odom’s Mercedes-Benz was totaled, as was the car he hit. The woman driving it had to be pulled out by the jaws of life.

The accident shouldn’t have any long-ranging effects on Lamar and his shoulder is in the same state as it was yesterday.