Lakers vs. Timberwolves Post-game

The strength of the efforts to open the 3rd quarter carried the Lakers to the end and a 107-93 victory. Performances of note were from Mihm, Odom and Bynum, who formed the first 3 Lakers to get 10 rebounds in the same game in about a season and a half. Fisher was a tidy 9 points on 3-5 shooting to go with 9 assists and Kobe had a quiet 30, 7 and 7, but he asserted himself at a few key moments to keep the Lakers on track.

The story of Lamar’s first game back was 18 points to go with those 10 rebounds, scoring in and out of the post and time spent at small forward, power forward and more or less lead guard.

Bynum showed his effectiveness gobbling up rebounds, though he once again had some trouble with a tall and savvy defender that kept him from easy dunking positions.

Turnovers continued to bother Coach Jackson, who thought too many risks were taken especially in transition, unusually by Luke, who led the team with 6 TO’s. The defense was also slow to adapt to the screen and rolls employed by the Timberwolves to keep themselves in the game in the 4th quarter.

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