What # To Wear?

Many people’s first reaction to the news of the Lakers trade for LA native Trevor Ariza was probably to head out and make sure they were ready for his home debut on Chick Hearn Night with a crisp, clean, brand new Sunday White Ariza jersey.

Those early go-getters are on the cutting edge of Lakers fandom for sure, but could be making a grave mistake because of Trevors eclectic uniform past.

While starring and winning state titles at Westchester High in West Los Angeles, Ariza sported the #4.

That number carried over to his one season donning the powder blue & gold for the UCLA Bruins.

After being drafted by the New York Knicks in the second round of the 2004 draft, Ariza switched up to #21. 116 games later, Trevor was on his way to Orlando and ole #21 got straight kicked to the curb.

#1 was the new numero du jour in the white, blue, & sometimes black pinstripes of the Orlando Magic… for 89 games.

Now he heads to Milwaukee to meet up with the boys from LA hoping to toss on a purple jersey against the Bucks’ red and green.

He won’t be doing it wearing #1. Javaris has that locked up. He won’t do it in #21. Ronny has that spoken for. And he won’t do it wearing #4 as Luke Walton has been wearing that since he got here and probably will throughout the duration of his six-year contract.

He’ll do it wearing the #9 that previously hung over the shoulders of former Lakers Laron Profit, Chucky Atkins, Bryon Russell, Nick Van Exel, & Jim Chones.

It’ll be a glorious two game run through Milwaukee and Boston for #9 before it gets shelved in favor of #3 when the team returns home and once again has access to their entire equipment locker. (Collectors Alert!!! The Ariza 9 is going to see even fewer games than the elusive Rodman 73)

So when you see #3 running out of the tunnel in section 117 and memories of Shammond Williams, Devean George, & Sedale Threatt (along with Jay Vincent, Jeff Lamp, and Elmore Smith for history’s sake) go running through your head, take a moment to acquaint yourself with our new friend Trevor.

Oh and don’t forget to visit the custom jersey stand near aisle 24 and add that White ARIZA 3 to your collection.