Lakers Today: 11/24/07

The Lakers 107-94 loss didn’t exactly re-spark the classic NBA rivalry that’s laid dormant since the late 80s.

Boston gave out “BEAT LA” shirts at the door and, thanks to the Lakers shooting just 25% in the first quarter, the shirts looked to be prophetic.

Boston’s new “Big Three” got theirs, but it was Center Kendrick Perkins that killed the Lakers with 21 points and 9 boards.

Lamar Odom continued to look out of sync just two nights after critizing his poor play against the Bucks. Odom remains in his own state of Training Camp after missing the team’s practice sessions while recovering from off-season shoulder surgery.

The Lakers are pushing the ball up the court more frequently this season and playing less in their triangle offense.

“He needs to learn his way in this offense,” Jackson said of Odom. “We’d like him to solve it immediately. But it was a hard one tonight. He had a number of opportunities. He just didn’t go through with it.”

Celebrities filled the arena
like it was a game at STAPLES Center, but the home crown made sure to make Kobe Bryant feel as unwelcome as possible after cheering him loudly last season.

  • Andrew Bynum continues to get into early foul trouble — a problem that has been hidden most of the season, but it now firmly in the crosshairs with Kwame Brown’s absence.
  • Phil Jackson continues to delay his decision on his contract extension. A couple weeks back Jackson said to ask after Thanksgiving. Last night was not a good time to ask.

    “Oh, please don’t ask me that question, not after that horrible game,” Jackson said after Friday night’s loss to Boston. “That was awful. That was a terrible time to ask me that. I resign.”

    Jackson was joking. He laughed.

    “I’ll think about it on the plane tomorrow, OK?” he said.