Lakers Today: 11/25/07

It was a slow day in Lakerland yesterday as the team used Saturday as a travel day; making the cross country flight from Boston back home to Los Angeles.

Most of the talk in the media surrounded Andrew Bynum and his continued maturation into a dominant big man. Like last season, Bynum seems to have taken another step in his progression and has impressed early this season, but has also struggled to stay on the court due to fouls.

For every two steps forward there is one minor step back as he continues to figure out how to use his 7-foot frame to his advantage in the NBA.

Friday’s game was an example of stepping back. Celtic’s Center Kendrick Perkins, more known for his defensive prowess than anything, went for 21-points and added a dangerous fourth to Boston’s already “Big Three”.

As Mike Bresnahan writes:

“I don’t know what was going on for me,” he said. “I wasn’t going to the basket strong like before.”

Bynum was also in and out of foul trouble.

“Two of them were terrible,” he said of the calls. “One time . . . I just got done talking to the official. I was like, ‘What can I do to not get the foul?’ He was like, ‘Well, if you’re in the restricted area [near the basket] and jump straight up, it’s not a foul.’ I did it the next play, and the guy who told me that blew the whistle. So I was like, ‘I guess I can’t do anything to avoid those.’

“I’ve definitely got to stay out of foul trouble. I played 27 minutes and just never got in a rhythm out there.”

Drew continues to grow on the job, but still shows signs of being just 20-years old. Bynum has also developed habit of complaining consistently after calls that don’t go his way (something that Kobe & Lamar are experts at).

He has begun to rail against officials, throwing his hands up in the air when a call doesn’t go in his favor.

He was given a technical foul against the Bucks because he felt a foul should have been called for him. It was, but Bynum flailed his arms up, unaware for a moment that he had gotten the call.

“It’s just a product of having something go right for him and then nothing good,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “It’s frustration.”

  • Phil Jackson continues to be non-committal about his future with the Lakers, but, as Kevin Ding writes, this posturing shows how comfortable Jackson is with the whole situation. He expects Phil to be back, but as with everything, he’ll do it on his timetable.
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