Lakers vs. Nets In-Game

1st Quarter:
12:00 Vladimir Radmanovic is into the starting lineup at power forward after Ronny Turiaf has started at the position for the majority of the season so far.

10:21 Richard Jefferson is already well on his way to his 25 points per game scoring average, knocking in the first two baskets for the Nets.

8:51 Quick start for Kobe after a string of slow starts to games…he’s got seven already for the Lakers. After the game in Boston on Friday night, Kobe said he’s played about eight poor games in a row. Looks like he’s ready to put an end to that.

6:04 Kobe’s doing more than just scoring…he just assisted Fisher on a wide open three for a 16-9 Lakers lead. Kobe’s successfully been able to strike a balance between scorer and facilitator for the L.A. in the first six minutes of the game.

Nice ovation for Marge Hearn during the timeout…it’s Chick Hearn Night at STAPLES Center tonight!

4:28 Great rebound and put-back dunk for Andrew Bynum following Vlad’s floater that missed to the left. It’s nice to see Andrew being aggressive early following a lackluster game in Boston.

3:54 A technical foul was just called on Lamar Odom, obviously still unhappy with a no call on the Lakers end the trip before.

2:47 Bynum used his long arms to grab Kobe’s feed from the Nets before patiently waiting until an opening presented itself for an uncontested dunk. The Lakers would be wise to continue to throw it into Andrew as the Nets don’t have any real answer for his size.

2:13 Kobe’s weaving in and out of the lane with ease…it’s no secret that the Nets Jefferson and Carter aren’t exactly known for their stellar defense.

2:00 Jordan Farmar is into the game replacing Derek Fisher who started out strong, nailing all four of his shots. Luke Walton also replaces Lamar Odom.

1:08 Turiaf replaces Bynum and Sasha Vujacic gets some early minutes for the Lakers, spelling Kobe.

2nd Quarter:
12:00 Lamar re-enters the game to start the second quarter after getting pulled early in the first because of foul trouble.

10:15 New Jersey calls a quick timeout after a little spurt by the Lakers second unit that pushes the lead back to nine points. Jordan Farmar continues his excellent play with two boards and a bucket in the first two minutes of the quarter. The Lakers point guard position is an embarrassment of riches right now (I would have stoned myself if I had written that sentence at any point last year). Chris Mihm enters the game for his first action of the night. He’s matched up against a quicker player in Josh Boone, we’ll see how the ankle holds up.

7:24 What’s the limit on behind the back passes on one fast-break? I used to think it was one and that’s all you got, but we just got one from Jordan & one from Kobe before Lamar flushed it home.

6:34 The dawn of the Trevor Ariza era in Purple & Gold is finally upon us. He’s matching up with Richard Jefferson. On his second trip down Trevor gets his first bucket as no one really bothered to guard him during the entire possession. Are they disrespecting his offensive game? Is Richard Jefferson’s U of A education finally catching up to him and he’s forgot how to read scouting reports? Or is Trevor just that elusive and I haven’t seen enough of his game to realize it? Questions that will be answered throughout the night.

3:44 Boone is failing to put a body on Andrew Bynum off the ball and Kobe finally exploited it by throwing Drew the easiest alley-oop he’s ever going to get in a half court set.

3:13 Lamar bangs a trey and things are officially getting out of hand. I’m definitely happier about Odom making one from deep than I am about the 14 point lead the Lakers are holding onto (47-33). That’s only Lamar’s second from downtown this year.

1:26 People are getting excited about Nets Center Sean Williams this season. Williams slipped to #17 in the draft after a.. umm… checkered career at Boston College (checkered is a delicate way to put it right?). So far he’s got no points in his 10 minutes of play and the only positive thing I can say about him is that he puts a lot of effort into getting up and down the court. I don’t think he does it extremely well, but he puts a lot of effort into it. Imagine what a boxer from the 1910s would look like in the last 200 yards of a ten mile run. That’s #51 in red.

37.5 Fish come back in and he’s still hot as a potato. 5 for 5 tonight and all have been from range.

0:00 We’ve got an official review to end the half. They’re looking to see if Nachbar’s armbar (alliteration is fun) on Vlad came before the final buzzer rang. I say yes. They say yes as well, so we get .3 put back on the clock. Luke Walton is brought in for Lamar because Luke has obvious .3 skills (put that in your pipe .4 Derek Fisher). Luke tosses up a good lob, but Drew can’t finish it off. The Lakers lead is 12 at 49-37.

A brief period of wildness with the ball in the first quarter and a rash of EARLY technicals are the only real blemishes on the score sheet for the boys in White. Kobe’s got 11 points, but has shot only 3/14 in the first half and didn’t score at all in the second quarter. The rest of the team is shooting 17/26 (a cool 65%).

Ronny Turiaf has logged less than three minutes tonight. After being removed from the starting lineup for Vlad and only playing sparingly you have to wonder if something is wrong with Ro.

3rd Quarter:
8:10 Bynum is making his second trip to the line this half and that one was a rough one. The first was WAY off. Thankfully he made the second one. Kidd has been more agressive thus far in the 3rd and is causing problems for the Lakers. I wonder why he hasn’t been doing more of this after Rajon Rondo and Mo Williams decimated the Lakers D in the previous two games.

7:33 Drew just tossed an easy dunk off the heel of the rim and the Nets turned it into an easy transition deuce. The lead is down to four at 55-51. Bynum attones the next trip down with a nice little move down low. Vince Carter picks up his fourth foul and is replaced by Bostjon Nachbar. VC has only played 12 minutes so far tonight.

5:45 Kobe gets his first points of the half from the stripe. Those are also the first shots he’s taken in the 6+ minutes of the 3rd quarter.

1:46 Lamar Odom heads to the line as the Nets trade one guy with four fouls (Richard Jefferson) for another (Vince Carter). Lamar sinks both to push the Lakers lead, which has fallen to as low as three, back to 7.

55.6 Turiaf gets dinged for a foul that shouldn’t have been called. He came over fiercely, but the block was clean. Instead of making a big deal about it, Ro immediately takes his place on the block and awaits the free throws by Nachbar.

0:00 The Lakers take a lead of exactly zero points into the fourth quarter. Vince Carter tied the game up in the closing seconds of the quarter with a three ball from the hip. Kobe Bryant made the exact same amount of shots that Derek Fisher missed — Zero (too bad fish only took one shot). A lot of zeros are being thrown around in this paragraph, that’s bound to happen when you get outscored by 12 in a single quarter.

Vladimir Radmanovic also remains o-fer for the game.

4th Quarter

10:32 Another defensive lapse for the Lakers as the Nets open up a two point lead at 76-74. Richard Jefferson returns for the Nets…the Lakers haven’t been able to do much to stop him so far, but here’s hoping they can remedy that in the final ten plus minutes. The crowd’s getting pretty antsy…

8:39 Bynum was just strangled in front of the basket on the Lakers end and STAPLES isn’t having any of it, letting the officiating crew hear it. Jefferson heads to the line to complete a possible three point play. Interesting lineup for the Lakers on the floor…Farmar, Sasha, Kobe, Lamar and Bynum. The Lakers needed to find some way to mix it up after the Nets have come out smoking to start the quarter.

7:15 Radmanovic is back into the game, replacing Odom. Fisher’s also back to relieve Farmar.

6:13 Back-to-back buckets for the Lakers, spearheaded by Kobe’s driving layup and Derek’s 17 footer as L.A. climbs to within six of the Nets. The team’s looked out of sorts for the entire fourth quarter, but looks the veterans are trying to pull it back together.

Ariza checks into the game for the Lakers at a critical moment in the game…interesting choice by Phil. It’s safe to say Trevor’s definitely not in there for his offense.

4:46 Inexcusable stretch for the Lakers as they fall behind by 12 with under five minutes to go. The Lakers looked sharp for much of the first three quarters, but have wilted during the Nets’ run.

Sasha’s back in the game for Vlad.

3:55 Momentum changing three for the Lakers by Fisher that the team desperately needed. After giving up an offense rebound on the Nets end, they got lucky as New Jersey’s wide open three point attempt bounced off the rim and behind the glass.

2:57 Kobe’s spinning three point play gets everyone up at STAPLES. With a solid three minutes to go, the Lakers are alive and kicking again.

2:43 Bynum checks in for Radman with the Lakers down 92-87.

2:14 Kobe’s called for his fourth personal and isn’t happy about it. His huge three on the Lakers end brought the team back within two though on the play before.

1:28 SASHHHHA! Kobe decides he can’t do it all alone and dishes to Vujacic for a wide open three to give the Lakers the lead again 96-94 and sending the crowd into temporary insanity.

1:14 The Nets recapture the lead following two makes on a clear path foul.

41.8 New Jersey calls a 20 second timeout after Fisher makes two free throws for the Lakers.

07.2 Kobe’s misses a potential game-winner from about 20 feet and the Lakers waste at least five seconds waiting to foul Vince Carter. The Lakers will have last shot though.

6.1 Ill-advised foul by the Nets sends Kobe to the line for THREE free throws that could tie the game

03.8 Kobe makes the first two, but the final free throw spins out. Kobe was previously perfect from the line. Nachbar is going to the line for two for the Nets.

03.3 Timeout for the Lakers after Nachbar misses the second free throw. Amazingly, the Lakers still have a chance.

00.0 The Lakers never got a good look as Radmanovic air-balled a shot from around the three point line as time expired, adding to his horrific 0 for 10 shooting night.

FINAL SCORE: Nets 102, Lakers 100.