Fisher Up for SI’s Sportsman of the Year

Sports Illustrated will announce it’s annual Sportsman of the Year award on Monday, December 3rd, and Lakers Guard Derek Fisher is one of the nominees.

Kostya Kennedy details why Fish deserves to win.

When the playoffs ended, and Fisher had helped lead the Jazz to the Western Conference finals with 14 fourth-quarter points in a Game 4 win over Golden State, he announced he was ending his multiyear Utah contract so he could go and play in a city where he would have access to top-flight medical care for his daughter. When he signed with the Lakers in July for three years and $14 million, it meant that the decision to leave Utah had cost Fisher more than $6.5 million.

That, of course, is no price at all, for this: Today little Tatum Fisher is 16 months old. She has been treated at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The aggressive and innovative method of chemotherapy Fisher and his family opted to try appears to have saved not only Tatum’s life, but also her eye. The Fisher family is whole.

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