Scouting the Nuggets

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Offensively, Denver wants to play fast and loose, averaging 15 fast break points per game (7th in the NBA), scoring 106.6 points per game (4th in the NBA). Coach Karl wants his players to attack the paint for lay-ups, free throw opportunities, quick Iso’s and post-ups or penetrate and pitches. Note: Denver 30-30-30 code equals 30 lay-ups, 30 free throws and 30 assists.

The Nuggets have good pushers and lane runners. Coach Karl talks about how A. Carter has added a play-making dimension to his team, allowing Iverson to work without the ball. We must find a comfortable road tempo, making good decisions with the ball, passing and have good shot selection with formation of our rebound/defensive balance pattern -get to the elbows for long rebounds. Denver will run out, throw ahead, use random screens. We need to contain the ball, building walls and closing down lanes.

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