In the Rankings: Week 7

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The Lakers take a baby step up the rankings with a lot of the talk surrounding man-child center Andrew Bynum.
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In his first two seasons in the league, Andrew Bynum had 10 double-doubles. He’s got 11 in 22 games so far this season, and he ranks fourth in the league in field goal percentage at .596. The kid is growing up quickly.
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Encouraged as the Lakers were to hear Kobe proclaim that he’s ”happy,” chances are that’s not the last word on the subject. Not with the Lakers about to walk into media sieges in Chicago and New York.
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Andrew Bynum has become the center Kobe Bryant never had. Well, OK, so maybe Bynum isn’t Shaq just yet. But the 20-year-old has averaged 14.3 points, 11.8 rebounds and 3.0 blocks over his last four games to help provide Kobe with a little of that help he craved.

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