Lakers Today: 12/17/07

Both of L.A.’s promising young centers performed well in last night’s game, with Bynum getting the upper edge in the Lakers’ win.

Two young, ascendant centers — 20-year-old Andrew Bynum of the Lakers and 25-year-old Chris Kaman of the Clippers — were on display Sunday at Staples Center, and they didn’t disappoint.

“He’s so long and he’s got good timing in blocking shots. He got a couple of mine that I thought he wasn’t going to get. He surprised me a little there,” Kaman said. “He does a good job for them. He’s going to be very good. I have a good feeling about his potential.”

The Lakers held high hopes that injured center Kwame Brown would fly out with them on their four game swing back east, but he is still been unable to practice with the team.

He was supposed to travel on the Lakers’ upcoming four-game trip, but Coach Phil Jackson decided against it because Brown “couldn’t get on the floor and practice with us yet.”

A Daily News article on the same topic said that Brown was expected to be sidelined for up to six weeks — a figure he is still on pace for after missing his 14th game on Sunday.

“It’s like right there,” Brown said. “I can go straight ahead. Slowing down is a problem. When I have to react real quickly, my knee tends to give out a little. My ankle is a little better. Some days the ankle feels great. Some days it swells up.

The Lakers will play four teams with losing records on their road trip — a stat that Phil Jackson says should help make up for the difficult schedule the Lakers have faced to open up the season.

“We have extended road games later in the season, but this is a good swing for us at this time,” Jackson said. “It’s the right time for us to go out on the road and kind of balance our schedule out a little bit.”