Lakers Today: 12/27/07

Slow day in Lakerville yesterday as the team was given the day off after working on Christmas day (or was it to celebrate Kwanzaa?).

The team continues to downplay it’s promising start. That’s a lesson that was learned from last year’s 42-40 finish that came after a 26-13 start (that’s 16-27 down the stretch sports fans).

Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold is subbing over at TrueHoop a couple times this week and just couldn’t help but bleed a little purple and gold onto ESPN’s pristine web space. Shouldn’t the nation learn to love Andrew Bynum as much as Lakers fans do anyway? Probably.

I’ve been meaning to give this it’s own post, but I haven’t and I can’t let it slide anymore. On Christmas Day the LA Times’ Bill Plaschke wrote a great piece about Magic Johnson that everyone (Laker fan or not) should read. It was so good that I even went out and bought a hard copy of the paper so my family could read it. First time I’ve bought a paper in 5 years. Check it out here.

The team gets back to work today. Check back later for the practice report and video.