Get A Courtside View

Tonight’s game against the Celtics will be simulcast (whoa not like that Chick fans) on both Fox Sports West HD & Fox Sports Prime Ticket.

You’ll get your normal coverage on FSN West, with Joel & Stu calling the action, highlights, replays, and everything you’ve come to expect from the crew at Fox.

On Prime Ticket you’ll be getting the special “Courtside View” angle that includes cameras above each basket and five handheld cameras courtside. The low viewing angle gives you a unique view of the action apart from the traditional camera locations.

Another added bonus of the Courtside View is the limited commercial interruptions. Aside from a few local commercials you won’t have any breaks in the action. During timeouts you’ll see the players in the huddle & the Laker Girls performing on the court–just like you would if you were sitting courtside.

Watching the courtside view will give you a complete perspective on the ebb & flow of an NBA game. Besides, how many of us will ever get a chance to sit courtside? This is the next best thing.

Coverage starts at 7pm with Bill Macdonald on Fox Sports Prime Ticket.

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