Lakers Today: 01/02/08

Although the league took swift action in suspending Lamar Odom for Friday night’s game against Philadelphia, not everyone with the Lakers agreed with the decision.

“We’re disappointed,” Lakers spokesman John Black said. “We don’t think he would do anything to ever intentionally harm another player. We’re going to be missing one of our best players for Friday’s game, but the league made its decision and we will accept it, even if we disagree with it.”

The fallout from Sunday night’s much-hyped loss to Boston continues to spread, but Kobe Bryant was still able to take some pearls of wisdom away from the Celtics’ suffocating defensive performance.

“Defense wins titles,” he said. “I think they understand that, and they have a great deal of veterans over there who are all hungry for that. That’s what they play for.”

According to a Daily News article, Derek Fisher is also keeping the Boston loss in perspective.

“I was joking around with somebody before the game,” Lakers guard Derek Fisher said after the 110-91 loss. “This was one of those games where if you win, they’re ready to hand you the trophy. And if you lose, you’re the worst team in the league. So there was nothing really great that was going to come out of this.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, Kobe said the Lakers are at somewhat of a crossroads.

“It’s a challenge for us,” Kobe Bryant said. “Do we want to stay in this middle pack, or do we want to get to that next level? We definitely want to get to that next level.

The Lakers’ decision to wear throw-back short shorts in Sunday’s game still has the NBA buzzing, with a wide spectrum of reactions.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said, “I told Kobe, the one thing I know, from this point on, is our generation had better bodies than their generation because they looked horrible in those shorts.”