Flea’s Back

After taking the first couple months of the season off, Flea is back blogging for NBA.com.

Flea’s open letter to other Lakers fans touches on Thursday’s booing of Kwame Brown and the differences between LA fans and other fan bases.

anyone who is a real laker fan and actually follows the team and is not a bandwagon jumping johnny-come-lately

knows that kwame is a sensitive man who can get down on himself when he makes a mistake and potentially spiral into much less quality play than he is capable of

he can be hard enough on himself without supposed laker fans insulting him

the more we support him the better he will do, the better the team will do, and maybe the lakers will get through this rough patch without our wunderkind a little bit better

kwame can do it kwame can do it kwame can do it kwame can do it

The Chili Peppers bass player takes a look back at the showtime days to illustrate his point. Give it a read here.