Lakers at Mavericks Pre-Game

Last season’s results aren’t entirely indicative f how these teams match-up, as Lamar was not present. As Phil pointed out at yesterday’s practice, Lamar’s mobility is a useful asset matching up against Dirk Nowitzki.

The Mavs have converted from a run and gun team to a team very comfortable grinding it out in half-court sets. They still have players that will push the ball, particularly Devin Harris; nonetheless, the Lakers will prefer to push the ball tonight in search of easy opportunities.

Coming off the loss at San Antonio, the Lakers will be keen to deny penetration, after seeing how effective the Spurs were once they got into the paint. Devin Harris and Jason Terry will both drive to the hoop, as well as Jerry Stackhouse off the bench and Dirk will drive as well, if his 3 point looks get closed out.

This game also marks a homecoming of sorts for DJ Mbenga. He played last season in Dallas. It isn’t a homecoming for Sasha, but it was last season against Dallas that he had a break-out game against the Mavs, turning heads in the process. Lakers fans will also get to see former Lakers Eddie Jones and Devean George.

In other Lakers news, Vladi Radmanovic will be practicing tomorrow, after a lay-off due to an ankle injury. His availability for the game against New York will be determined by how well he feels after going full speed.