In the Rankings: Week 13

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This Week: 7 | Last Week: 3 | Diff: -4

Now 2-4 without Andrew Bynum, the Lakers will finish their pre-break schedule with a nine-game Grammy trip after hosting the Knicks on Tuesday.
This Week: 11 | Last Week: 7 | Diff: -4

The Lakers leave soon on their own journey: Nine straight roadies. Phil Jackson is trying to keep things light — “It’s just doom from here on out,” he jokes — but no one in L.A. is laughing too loud with Bynum out.
This Week: 13 | Last Week: 7 | Diff: -6

The roof isn’t exactly caving in (though a leak at the Staples Center did cause a delay in Sunday’s loss to the Cavs), but they’ve got reason to be concerned. During the past two weeks they have lost to the Suns, Spurs, Mavs and Cavs, and now they must head out on a nine-game road trip.

Average Ranking: 10.33 | Last Week: 5.66 | Diff: -4.67