In the Rankings: Week 17

Every Monday the BasketBlog checks the net to bring you the latest NBA power rankings (except last week where the holiday and all-star weekend derailed us).
This Week: 1 | Last Week: 7 | Diff: +6

With Pau Gasol fitting in perfectly and Kobe Bryant seemingly unaffected by his mangled pinky, I’m not sure this team isn’t the favorite to win the title even without Andrew Bynum. And with Bynum’s rehab coming along, it would be very difficult for anyone to pick against the Lakers right now.
This Week: 1 | Last Week: 5 | Diff: +4

If our new BFFs from The Onion thought it was gutsy a few weeks back when we moved the Lakers from No. 4 to No. 3, what will they say when they see our mea culpa promotion of Kobe and Co. from No. 5 to No. 1?
This Week: 3 | Last Week: 5 | Diff: +2

Gee, Kobe Bryant’s pinkie sure had a miraculous recovery, didn’t it? The Lakers’ star pumped in 21 points in 26 minutes Sunday as they won at Seattle to make it eight straight. He also had 41 to slay the Suns last Wednesday.

Average Ranking: 1.66 | Last Week: 5.66 | Diff: +4