Practice News: 2/27/08

Before practice today, Kobe said that the Lakers’ bench is one of the best groups of reserves he’s ever played with and probably the strongest bench in the NBA right now. Coach Jackson echoed Bryant’s sentiment, noting that the key to a good bench is having players who could be starters accept reserve roles.

According to Jackson, the Lakers bench is filled with such players, referencing Jordan Farmar as a key role player who comes off of the bench for L.A. Jackson said that Farmar, Sasha, Ronny and Co. make up one of the NBA’s deepest benches, also praising the reserves in San Antonio, Utah and New Orleans.

Bryant also spoke about the team’s current nine-game winning streak–the longest since the 2003-04 season when the team last won a title. Kobe said that the team is playing with a strong purpose right now, fueled by a loss to the Atlanta Hawks at the beginning of the month that left a “bad taste” in the teams’ mouth according to #24.