Lakers vs. Warriors In-Game

Inactives for Tonight’s Game:
Warriors: Patrick O’Bryant, Mickael Pietrus, Chris Webber
Lakers: Trevor Ariza, Chris Mihm, Andrew Bynum

1st Quarter:
10:06 Lamar Odom and Ronny Turiaf electrify the STAPLES Center crowd with a behind the back pass from Odom to Ronny for the layup. Ronny has four quick points for the Lakers, down 6-7 in a scrappy first two minutes of play.

9:16 Kobe gets an early MVP chant from a boisterous Easter crowd, after making the jumper off glass and one for his fifth point of the night. More importantly, Baron Davis just picked up his second personal of the game, but Warriors Coach Don Nelson is taking a big risk and leaving him in for the time being. Davis, obviously not happy with the call, just picked up a T.

6:09 Turiaf hits two consecutive jumpers from about 16 feet out after the timeout, giving the Lakers a four point lead at 19-15. Ronny is continuing his string of impressive performances without Gasol and Bynum in the lineup, leading the Lakers in scoring with eight to go along with two points and two assists.

3:33 Luke Walton replaces a very active Turiaf in the lineup, after Ronny picked up his second foul. The Warriors just made a substitution of their own, bringing in Brandon Wright to replace Biedrins with Golden State leading 24-19.

2:32 Fisher ties the game at 26 with two and half to go in the first, nailing a trey from the corner off of a nice pass by Kobe. Derek has six point on the night on two of four shooting from the field. On the Lakers’ previous possession, Vladimir Radmanovic continued to show that there is more to his game than expert three point shooting, backing his way into the lane en route to a soft baby hook.

1:03 Odom finds himself open underneath the basket and takes advantage of the Warrior’s confusion to hammer home a two-handed dunk that brings the Lakers to within three of Golden State.

2nd Quarter:
10:16 Another errant pass from the Lakers who have been extremely sloppy with the ball early in the game today. That’s 9 through 14 minutes tonight, bucking the trend of the past couple contests where the team limited their giveaways.

9:08 Jordan Farmar just put a couple of guys in orange on a poster with some serious elevation. All the off-season work for Yoga-boy has taken his hops to a new level and while the alley-oop on Friday showed this, it was nothing like that facial he just threw down.

8:06 The second technical in a 60-second span gets called against the home team, this time for defensive three seconds. The first was for a second delay of game call coming out of the most recent timeout. It’s really ticky-tacky tonight.

7:07 Jordan flys coast-to-coast to the hoop before being hacked by Biedrins as he looks to convert. Monta Ellis is definitely the fastest person in the building, but Farmar is showing that he can get down court in a hurry as well.

6:20 Farmar again attacks the rim early in the shot clock. The Lakers haven’t been able to find their stride on offense for the most part, but Jordy definitely hasn’t been the reason for that.

4:43 An unbelievable bailout by the refs to save an out of control Vujacic. After missing a one-on-three pull-up trey Sasha was lucky enough to get his own rebound. So if you get that lucky why wouldn’t you try your luck again and take it right in for another one-on-three attempt. Phil looked angry after the first shot, he’s livid after the second. Shades of the Sasha we all furled our brows at the past couple season. Most of the Golden State baskets have been easy ones while the majority of the Lakers makes have been brutally tough to convert. They’re lucky to be within eleven at 56-45 Warriors.

2:32 Lamar picks up a frustration foul on behalf of the entire STAPLES Center crowd. Two consecutive trips have ended in turnovers for the Purple & Gold, just adding to what has been a nightmare game so far. 13 turnovers and counting. 63-49 Warriors with Baron heading to the line looking to add to his eleven points.

2:10 Frustration foul on Kobe after a missed shot. These things keep piling up and the stat crew is going to have to add another slot to the sheet to track them. Former Lakers coach Bill Sharman has slammed his hand down roughly 34 times so far and we’re not even at halftime. That tells you all you need to know about the 19-point deficit.

Dismal. That’s the mood around the arena right now. Fans are angry and the boos tell the story as the Lakers head into the locker room down 72-49. Worst half of the season.

3rd Quarter:
10:43 Al Harrington opened up the half with a three…not exactly the start the Lakers wanted. Kobe’s face-up jumper over Davis just helped get their comeback attempt started. The make was only Bryant’s eleventh point of the night on a poor five of 14 from the field.

7:11: After Fish nearly bobbled the ball away again, the Lakers recovered and Kobe nailed a wide-open three that brings the Lakers back to within 20 of the Warriors at 57-77. Still, the Lakers have yet to clamp down on defense nearly five minutes into the quarter, with Golden State getting second chances on each of their past two possessions.

5:42 After about five passes with no one seeming to want to shoot other than Kobe, Lamar nails a contested corner jumper to bring the deficit to under 20 at 61-79. Once again though, Biedrins recovered the offensive rebound for the Warriors on the previous possession.

4:28 Finally, the Lakers get a dfensive stop without allowing the Warriors a second chance. After a drive by Odom that gets him two freebies from the line and a Fisher three pinter on the previous possession, the Lakers are now down by only 14 at 65-79. Meanwhile, the STAPLES Center crowd is finally back into the game, sensing the shift in momentum.

3:37 Fisher’s drive cuts the lead to 12. After an offensive foul on the Warriors, the Lakers take over possession with a chance to cut it single digits with a three pointer. Turiaf is egging the crowd on, with most of the 18,997 in attendance rising to their feet.

2:37 Bedlam in the STAPLES Center after a three pointer by Fisher cuts the lead to only seven at 74-81. Within a matter of minutes, the Lakers’ defense has gone from sub par at best to dominating.

1:25 Derek does it again, hitting a three pointer to cut it to only five. Fisher has 16 points on the night, second to only Bryant’s 20.

0:00 A wild quarter for the Lakers is over, with L.A. outscoring the Warriors 32-15 and cutting the lead to only six at 81-87 heading into the fourth.

4th Quarter:
10:52 After a three point play on the Warrior’s end, Lamar hits a layup off of Kobe’s missed jumper to bring the Lakers to within seven at 85-92. Odom has been instrumental on both ends of the floor during L.A.’s extended second half run, already with 16 boards to go along with 14 points.

9:15 Pandemonium again inside of STAPLES Center after an electrifying ally-oop pass from Farmar to Bryant cuts the lead to three. The Warriors just turned the ball over on their end, so the Lakers, miraculously, will have a chance to tie the game.

8:42 After a lengthy rest, Turiaf returns for the Lakers with L.A. down 95-90.

6:48 Kobe dazzles the feverish crowd with a course in dribbling, before dumping it off to Turiaf for a monster dunk and one that ties the game at last for the Lakers at 95. Even though Ronny was shooting the free throw, it is #24 who’s getting all the love with a boisterous “KOBE” chant. The Lakers have outscored the Warriors 46-23 in this half, erasing all of the Golden State’s 23 point halftime deficit. Meanwhile, Kobe is only two assists away from a triple double, tallying 24 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists.

5:08 Kobe nails two free throws to give the Lakers a 99-97 lead, their first since the 4:19 mark in the first quarter.

3:35 After briefly taking the lead, Golden State just got two free throws by Jackson after a loose ball foul was called on Odom on L.A.’s offensive rebound attempt to put them back up 101-99. Jackson has 25 points on the night.

1:48 Biedrins just fouled out, sending Kobe to the line for two and chance to decrease the Lakers’ deficit to two point after Lamar blocked Davis’ shot at the rim on Golden State’s previous attempt. After two makes, the Lakers trail 103-105.

56.4 Kobe shows no hesitation in drilling a three that leaves the Lakers down by only one.

08.1 After another clutch three by Kobe cuts the lead to one again, Jackson hits one from the top of the key that puts the Warriors up four with eight seconds to go.

0:00 Kobe nearly makes another trey, but the Lakers lose 115-111.

FINAL SCORE: Warriors 115, Lakers 111