Derek Fisher Injures Foot

The already undermanned Lakers were hit with another injury today as it was revealed that Derek Fisher suffered a partial tear of a tendon in his right foot. Although an injury like his normally takes 6-8 weeks to heal, Fisher said he will play through the pain.

Before tonight’s game, Coach Jackson said, “Initially, it’s going to be an effort to play through it. He’s going to try to play through it. He wants to play through it. He’s been given the OK to go ahead and try to play through it. There’s no more extenuating things that can possibly happen and it’s related to pain, more than it is to something that would be a disability. He told me if he doesn’t feel he’s effective or I don’t feel he’s effective, we’ll make a substitution for him.”

Jackson said that Derek’s condition is similar to that of plantar fasciitis, revealing that even if Derek were to tear the foot, it would make no real difference in the injury prognosis.