Lakers vs. Grizzlies Pre-Game

Before tonight’s game, Coach Jackson addressed possible backups for Derek Fisher in the event that he is forced to the bench with his foot injury. “Sasha would be a guard in a backup situation,” said Jackson. “He definitely has point guard capabilities.” Jackson said that he would not sit Fisher unless he or Derek saw reason too.

Jackson also addressed Kobe Bryant’s injured ankle, relaying that he participated in the team’s shoot-around today and was on the upward end of the mending process.

With the Lakers in the heart of the race for the Western Conference’s best record, Jackson was asked whether or not he was already tasked with balancing the team’s final positioning with getting players healthy. Jackson said, “Not yet. Next week, week, we have a couple of says off after Sunday’s game, we have two days in between games. Hopefully we can get some rest in that particular period of time…we’ve still got a ways to go.”

Jackson also said he notified Kobe that he was at the brink of a suspension should he pick up another technical foul in the team’s final 10 games. However, no further talk has occurred with the coach only saying that, “We (Jackson and Kobe) talked about the fact that we appreciate his energy when he puts in the ball game…”