Bynum On The Court

Team Spokesman John Black informed the media members at practice today that Center Andrew Bynum ran on the court for the first time since sustaining a knee injury against the Memphis Grizzlies on January 13th.

Bynum’s rehab has included running on the team’s Alter-G treadmill, which can regulate a percentage of the users body weight.

Bynum has been increasing the percentage of his body weight on a regular basis, but today was the first time that he has ran at 100% since the injury occurred.

“He’s doing good. He did more work today than he’s done up to this point. We just push him to a point where he’s really active and see how he reacts to it,” said Head Coach Phil Jackson.

Jackson plans to have Bynum accompany the team on it’s next road trip to get back into the flow of the team.

“One. So he can stay abreast of what we’re doing from day-to-day. We’re putting new things in as we go along through the season, so you’ve got to know that. Two. So he can go through shoot-arounds and practices. There’s a sequence of days that we’ll be doing that and those are all participation that you get yourself ready to play. Three. So he can get with his teammates and hang out with his teammates so he remembers their names.