Gasol Targets Wednesday

Pau Gasol is hoping that Wednesday will be the day that he makes his return from a sprained left ankle.

“(Today) went better than it has the last couple days, so we took a nice step forward. Right now I’m a little sore, but feelin’ good, feelin’ pretty confident.”

Gasol has missed the past nine games because of the ankle.

“I guess if nothing crazy happens overnight and the ankle responds well to the work today there’s a pretty good chance that tomorrow I’ll be out there.”

If he is out there then it will most likely be in a starting role according to Phil Jackson.

“He’s one of those cases where you have to activate him before he goes out and plays… I may not even bring him back after he plays one rotation,” said Jackson.

Jackson also expressed the same concerns as Gasol when asked what could stop him from playing tomorrow. As long as the swelling stays down tonight it looks like Gasol will be available for the game against the Blazers.