Lakers vs. Mavericks Pre-Game

Before tonight’s final regular season showdown with the Dallas Mavericks, Coach Jackson was asked whether or not the Mavericks would be playing with an air of desperation tonight with their place in the playoffs anything but secure.

“I just think that they’ll play the same way they play…I haven’t seen any teams do what we used to call “mail it in” or play on a limited basis,” said Jackson. “Everybody’s came out and played basketball versus us for the past month…we think all of the teams are very competitive and we have to rise to meet that challenge.”

Jackson praised the Mavericks’ effort in heir blowout victory over Golden State on Wednesday night, particularly their ability to break down the Warrior’s defense.

“They came out and did exactly what they had to do against that zone which was bust out and gets fast breaks against it and early baskets and they took the wind right out of Golden State early in the ball game,” Jackson said. “It was a good adjustment–coaching adjustment–right attitude, but I don’t know if it was a bust out game for them. But, one of the things I do know is that they have been starting quickly and they’ve been getting out of the blocks early.”

Jackson also addressed the status of injured center Andrew Bynum, revealing that the team is prepared for his comeback regardless of whether or not it comes in a regular season game.

“We’re not anticipating that Andrew has to play in a regular season game,” said Jackson. “The actual experience of playing together is probably best for him and best. Obviously, it takes a different energy and a different level of competition to read it and do it in a game because there’s heightened performances when you get on a floor in the NBA game. But, I think we’ll be fine whether or he plays in a regular season game or starts playing sometime during the playoffs.”