Lakers vs. Spurs Pre-Game

Before today’s showdown with the defending champion Spurs, Coach Jackson took time to reflect on the Lakers’ accomplishments this season, revealing that the team knew early on that had a chance to be much better than many experts predicted during training camp.

“…We like the fact that we’re here,” said Jackson. “We know that we earned it and this is something that we’ve progressed with in the long season to get here in this position. Those determinations are made in a split second, everyone comes together in a situation like that and you can have so many decisions of import. It’s like time heals all wounds and it all goes away and we turn back to our purpose. In this situation–Kobe, particularly–we’ve had a good season behind that, a real good season.”

With two games left in the season, the Lakers coach also addressed the many scenarios that will come into play as the top six teams in the Western Conference continue to swap positions in the standings.

“We haven’t really talked about it,” Jackson said. “I just told them a week ago they they hold it in their hands and they have to win out to do it…I think there’s a situation that’s available that says we can play any five teams at this particular point.”

When asked whether or not he thought a Lakers vs. Celtics NBA Finals matchup would be good for the league, Jackson said that he does not think the NBA has not given much thought to the potential showdown.

“”It is a nostalgia thing of course…But, I don’t think the league really gets involved in any kind of thought process like that,” said Jackson. “I think they just weight it out and see who comes out on top.”