Lakers vs. Kings Pre-Game

With the playoffs beginning this weekend and teams still jockeying for position, Coach Jackson said that he is prepared to play whomever the Lakers end up going against.

“This is very unique, especially with three divisions and the way things go,” said Jackson. “It’s very unusual.”

“I can’t think of any team in that group I would say on hand as somebody I would say would be a great matchup for us and for our team,” said Jackson. “Every single one of them has played three or four games in change…the difference between first and eighth place.”

According to Jackson, the two teams the Lakers have the best chance of facing–Denver and Dallas–each present different problems for teams

“You have two prolific scorers on Denver’s team and obviously, the Dallas team won 67 games last year and has some experienced veteran players,” said Jackson. “Probably a little deeper team, but Denver has more striking power, more offensive power perhaps.”

Jackson said his team has only considered Denver as a potential first round opponent so far, explaining that the Lakers have yet to face Denver’s full roster due to injuries and Carmelo Anthony’s ejection in their last meeting in January.