Practice News: 4/18/08

With only one practice remaining until the playoffs begin this Sunday, the team was focused as it prepares for Game 1 against the Nuggets. After practice, Kobe said that Anthony Carter will most likely take on the assignment of trying to defend him, with Kobe potentially spending time guarding Allen Iverson.

Kobe praised Iverson’s offensive proficiency, referring to the 26-point per game scorer as one of the best of all time. With Carmelo Anthony also leading the Denver charge, Kobe said the Lakers will have their hands full on defense.

Veteran Derek Fisher said that having home court advantage could prove to be a big boon for the Lakers, especially in a Western Conference where the top eight seeds are only separated by seven games.

While some experts around the league are predicting an offensive slugfest, Coach Jackson said that sometimes numbers can be misleading. Jackson said that while Denver is often considered one of the worst defensive teams in the league, they play a “risk-reward” type of defense in which they often gamble for steals, sometimes resulting in defensive lapses.