Kobe, Hungrier Than Ever for 4th Title

After watching the first two games of the first round series against the Denver Nuggets, it is easy to see that Kobe Bryant wants to win; but how does that desire to win another ring compare to his passion for the first time he went through a championship run in 2000.

“It’s different. The first one, I was so young. Plus I was sharing that pressure with somebody else.” Bryant said. “Now, the pressure is squarely on my shoulders to try and bring another championship here. It’s something I accept. I’m a little hungrier now than I was the first time.”

Does he like having all of the pressure rest on his shoulders? “It comes with the territory.” Bryant added. “Can’t be superman and not deal with the pressure of dropping somebody when you go to rescue them.”

When asked about the hunger Coach Phil Jackson has to grab his tenth championship, compared to his first title with Chicago or the Lakers in 2000, Jackson responded saying he is very hungry. “I haven’t had breakfast since 8:30 a.m. actually” and pointed out that “it’s past my lunchtime.”