Game 4: Lakers at Nuggets Pre-Game

“At this level of play, with this kind of intensity, you just want to limit the amount of times you have to go out there on the court. You put yourself in harms way in every one of these games.” — Phil Jackson before Game 4

And that’s the gist of why the Lakers need to finish this series here in Denver tonight instead of dragging everyone out to STAPLES Center Wednesday night. Save energy, stay healthy.

Everyone knows the stat that no team in NBA history has come back from a 3-0 deficit and many people (Nuggets fans especially) question if their team even cares to be the team to make that kind of history (better to save that for the Suns I guess).

Yesterday the Nuggets held a brief film session followed by a ten minute talk and then their top three stars (‘Melo, AI, & Kenyon) ducking out the side door to avoid talking to the media.

Before today’s game Head Coach George Karl said that he hadn’t addressed the discord within the team with any of his players and talked sarcastically about his vacation plans.

Are the Nuggets a team that wants to get on a plane and fly to LA for another game in a hostile environment? Hopefully not.