Utah or Houston?

Nothing but politically correct answers from everyone when posed with the question of who they want to play in Round two.

When asked if he preferred one over the other Phil Jackson quipped, “No. Thanks for asking though.”

Home court advantage has been a huge factor for the Jazz all season and probably the biggest difference between the two teams that could face the Lakers in round two.

“Utah doesn’t lose too many games at home, they play great basketball there. The rest is the same. Half court teams that rely on their defense,” said Lamar Odom.

A matchup with the Jazz would have extra meaning for Derek Fisher after he spent last season in Salt Lake and played a pivotal role in the Jazz’s playoff run.

“The emotions will be high considering what took place while I was there and how many things have changed and the way they’ve changed over this past year. It’ll mean a lot to play against the Jazz. But at the same time it’ll be emotional in a negative way in terms of facing my former teammates with all the stakes as high as they’ll be. I’m prepared for it, but it’ll definitely be emotional.”

Phil Jackson seems to be less emotional about a trip to SLC. When asked which city he would choose to visit he replied, “There’s no choice there but Houston right?”

Although he might prefer to visit Houston, the extended travel that would be required in a series with the Rockets is also on Jackson’s mind. “That’s a three hour flight for us and a two hour time zone change. We’ve been caught in that web before with San Antonio in a number of playoffs this decade. (You get home at) three o’clock back here in the morning and have to play the next day with just a day rest and that day is almost lost when you get back at that time in the morning after flying back after these midnight games.”