Ariza’s 2nd Opinion

Lakers Forward Trevor Ariza used this trip to Utah to get a second opinion on the injured right foot that has kept him off the floor since January 20th.

The prognosis: conflicting.

“There’s a fault line there, I’ll use that term, there’s a small line in that break. There’s been some suggestion that perhaps this is as good as it’s going to heal,” said Phil Jackson. “Perhaps he doesn’t have to be as cautious as was suggested before.”

Jackson went on to stress Ariza’s long term importance to the team.

“This is a territory of the anatomy that you don’t just go in and put a screw in and it heals itself. He’s had a break there once and we’re trying to be real cautious because he’s a young guy.”

Because of the differing opinions the team will likely seek a third opinion before deciding on a course of action.

Ariza originally injured the foot after coming down awkwardly on Derek Fisher’s foot in practice.