Trevor Ariza Injury Update

After today’s practice, Lakers spokesman John Black said that Trevor Ariza has been cleared for full-contact practice. Although the broken bone in his foot has yet to fully heal, Ariza is not at risk for further injuring his foot.

After participating in his first practice today, Coach Jackson said, “He got out there today a little bit and tried to shake off three months of rust, maybe even more…three and a half months…and he’s got time to work at his game and this will give him a little edge about going forward.”

With Ariza potentially available should the Lakers advance in the Western Conference playoffs, Jackson said he isn’t sure yet when he’ll be able to use the athletic forward in live game play.

“We really can’t put a timeframe on it,” said Jackson. “I said a week or two and he said one week so we’ll just see what it’s going to be.”

With Vladimir Radmanovic and Luke Walton already playing at the small forward position, Jackson said Trevor’s minutes will likely be determined by how well the other two are playing at the time.

“Vladi’s not playing well the last two games and we need someone to come in and step into that position and we know that’s a position he plays,” Jackson said. “I’m not holding him out as an opportunity to step right in there for him, but we like Luke in the role he’s at in coming off the bench and giving us some input and finishing games for us. But, we’ll see if Vladi can’t right his game here.”