Spurs Sleep on the Plane

Tony Parker announced last night that the team would fly straight from New Orleans to Los Angeles, but that was before plane trouble grounded them in Louisiana until this morning.

ESPN’s TrueHoop reports that there weren’t enough rooms available for the Spurs to stay in New Orleans, thus the team had to remain on the plane until their 7am departure this morning.

League sources confirm this report from French radio station RMC, who talked to Parker later in the night (in French) saying the team plane wasn’t ready to go, so the Spurs could not, in fact, get to their luxury beds in Los Angeles.

They also, according to this report from Parker, couldn’t return to their hotel in New Orleans, as the Crescent City was overbooked, apparently because of a large telecommunications convention.

So, Parker is quoted as saying, the team learned at about 2 am that they would sleep on the plane, and fly at about 7 am local time.

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The Lakers fly on the same type of plane and while it is as comfortable as any you could hope for, it wouldn’t be a lot of fun to spend a night on it.

Here’s a video of the layout of the plane we shot earlier this season.