Game 1: Lakers vs. Spurs Pre-Game

With four days off between last Friday’s series-clinching victory over the Jazz and tonight’s opening game against San Antonio, Coach Jackson said that he believes the rest will benefit the Lakers, even though the Spurs might be sharper only having played two nights ago. According to Jackson, in a “bang-bang” series in which the Lakers and Spurs will play every other day, the rest accrued during the time off should help L.A. later in the series.

Jackson described his team as extra competitive in practice yesterday, revealing that he has no reservations about the Lakers’ readiness to match the Spurs’ energy level. At one point, the Lakers coach even said that he had to tell his obviously amped up team to back down a little bit and save some of their intensity for tonight’s game.

Jackson also spoke about Game One of the Pistons vs. Celtics series, noting that he believes the Pistons failed to meet Boston’s energy level in the first and fourth quarters.