Lakers Expect Spurs to Come Out Firing in Game 2

While many teams would be demoralized after losing a twenty point lead in a pivotal playoff game, the Lakers don’t expect the blown lead to affect the Spurs much, if at all.

“We expect them to come back with renewed energy,” said Coach Jackson after today’s practice, noting that the Spurs came to Los Angeles hoping for a split and they still have an opportunity to get one in Game 2.

Derek Fisher praised the youthful Laker squad’s ability to muster up the strength to make a big comeback against such a formidable opponent.

“Those are the type of wins–at least for the men in the room–that puts a little hair on your chest,” said Fisher, revealing that he believes the win will help foster a winner’s mentality with this current team.

Although Jackson’s teams have never lost a series after winning the opening game, Jackson reiterated that you can’t take anything for granted despite his amazing track record.

Fisher similarly said that he doesn’t believe the Spurs’ psyche is crushed at all, predicting that, “They’ll probably play even better, so we’ll have to play better.”

“I don’t think so,” said Kobe, when asked whether or not San Antonio was rattled by the loss. “They’ve won four championships.”

“I watched that New Orleans series where they didn’t even come close in that seventh game,” said Lamar Odom, explaining that the Spurs’ moxie allows them to come through in adverse situations.