Vujacic Earns Trust of Teammates

Although Sasha Vujacic’s always been considered one of the team’s best shooters, after holding Manu Ginobili to just 10 points in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, he’s quickly earning a new title: defender.

After practice today, Kobe said that Vujacic takes pride in slowing down opposing teams’ top players such as Ginobili.

“He’s really developed as a defensive player,” said Bryant, once one of Vujacic’s toughest critics. Bryant added that Sasha has really grown into his role this season after the team wasn’t entirely sure whether or not he was better suited at point guard or at shooting guard in his first few seasons in the league.

Lamar Odom said that, “Sasha’s fun to be around. He has great energy on and off the court.”