WCF Game 2: Lakers vs Spurs Post-Game

The Lakers manhandled San Antonio in Game 2, outscoring the Spurs 55-34 in the second half on their way to a 101-71 win. For L.A., all 11 players who stepped foot on the floor scored, led by 22 from Kobe Bryant.

Lamar Odom rebounded from a poor Game 1 effort, scoring 20 points to go along with a team-high 12 rebounds. Meanwhile, the Lakers held the Spurs to just 35% shooting and only 26% from beyond the three point line.

After the game, Coach Jackson said the poor shooting night was a combination of the Lakers’ defense and the Spurs simply missing good opportunities.

“I think they had an off night,” said Jackson. “I think they had some tired legs and I think that’s what happens sometimes. You get to playing a lot of playoff games back-to-back. We’re every other day here in this situation. Kind of crept up on them perhaps.”

Spurs Coach Greg Popovic said that the second game in the series was the one in which fatigue finally caught up to them, not Game 1.

“We thought the first game was our best shot to get something here and just dig down and do it,” said Popovic.

Jordan Farmar also excelled for the Lakers, coming on strong for the second game in a row to score a playoff career high 14 points to lead all L.A. reserves.

“It’s good for him to have this kind of game,” said Jackson. “He has been looking for an opportunity to get some rhythm in his game and get some open looks. Did a lot of good things out there.”

Tonight’s win also marked Trevor Ariza’s first appearance in over four months–an addition that Jackson said will provide the team with some much-needed energy even is his eventual role in the series is still up in the air.

“I was glad he got out there and had a chance to play,” said Jackson. “How he is going to help us is yet determined. His energy out there, is ability out there is always nice to have that kind of speed and quickness.”

Despite winning by 30 points, the Lakers coach said that he expects a different Spurs team when the series shifts to San Antonio this Sunday, pointing to the Spurs’ solid play during stretches of the third quarter.

‘We were able to play it even, actually extend the lead by two points,” said Jackson, discussing San Antonio’s burst. “But, that’s the kind of energy that you will see them play with down on their court.”