WCF Game 5: Lakers vs. Spurs Pre-Game

Before tonight’s potential series-clinching game against San Antonio, Coach Jackson said that he opted against any kind of prolonged pre-game speech, instead showing the team clips from the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross in which one of the memorable quotes is “always be closing.”

Jackson also spoke about the NBA’s public statement declaring that a foul should have been called on Derek Fisher on the last play of the Lakers’ Game 4 victory. Jackson said that the league’s ruling came as a surprise to him since “the league normally doesn’t get involved in stuff like that.”

Regardless of his own feelings on the merits of the non-call, Jackson said that the team is happy to be home tonight, leading the Spurs three games to one. “We can’t give it back and we’ll take it and move on,” said the Lakers coach.

According to Jackson, NBA referees arguably have the hardest job amongst officials in any professional sport due to the physicality of the game. Jackson said he tips his hat off to NBA refs, praising them for always doing the best that they can to call the game fairly, which is an almost possible thing to do.

With recent news that the league will begin fining players for flopping next season, Jackson said that officials’ jobs will become even more difficult. According to Jackson, even if a silent observer is used to judge whether or not a player is flopping, the only way to form a completely accurate opinion would be to look at videotape.