Lakers Talk Matchups Against Celtics

Although Game 1 is still three days away, the Lakers are already talking matchups against the Celtics.

While Lamar Odom will almost certainly match up against Kevin Garnett at some point in the Finals, the forward says that he’ll likely start out guarding Boston center Kendrick Perkins.

“I think Gasol’s going to start out on him (Garnett),” said Odom. “I think we’re going to double him as much as possible. We’re going to get that ball off the rim and run. I’m not scared to play against anybody, it’s just basketball. On this level, that’s a matchup I’m kind of looking forward to. It’s the championship game and you want to play against your toughest opponent. He’s always been a tough cover for me so I look forward to going out there and giving it my all.”

Regardless of whether or not he spends the majority of his time on the floor guarding Garnett, Odom respects the Celtic forward’s versatile offensive and defensive game.

“Of course, he guards the basket really well—probably one of the best in history. His length, of course, his quickness, his versatility to guard perimeter players and recover and show on picks and get back to the basket. He’s really tough, he’s a great team defender and he loves to help as well; he loves to play free safety out there.”

In another key matchup, the Lakers will be tasked with guarding another speedy point guard in Rajon Rondo–an assignment shared by Fisher and Jordan Farmar.

“It’s going to be great,” said Farmar. “He’s been playing good basketball. It’ll be Fish for the most part. I’ll get him a little bit, Sam Cassell a little bit. It’s going to be fun; it’s the NBA Finals, Lakers/Celtics. Rondo’s a guy I grew up playing against. We played against each other in the McDonald’s All-American game. We’re very familiar, we were on the same team at the Sophomore game this year on the All-Star team.”