Hotel Shift

As was reported in the LA Times yesterday, finding a room in the Boston area has been pretty tough due to a convention and college graduations. Through the weekend contingency plans such as flying to Providence, Rhode Island or Manchester, New Hampshire were considered until finally securing enough rooms for the traveling party at a hotel on the harbor.

Today we made the move from the temporary hotel to the one that the team usually stays at when they visit Boston.

The whole process is kind of strange. You put your bag outside your room and then get on the bus to head to practice. After the media session and run through, you get back on the bus, go to a different hotel, get new keys, and find your bag waiting for you in your room.

All these hotel rooms have started to look the same to me as we’ve progressed through the playoffs, so when I found my bag sitting inside my room upon arrival it was like I was in the same place and someone had made the bed. I can’t imagine what doing this for a whole season would be like.