Pilgrimage to Fenway & Beat L.A.

Boston is a Red Sox town. No matter how focused the city is on the Celtics this week, it’s still the Sox that stir the drink (with the Patriots coming in a close second).

So in accordance with my “If two teams are battling for first place in the greatest cathedral of the game with the home team’s ace on the hill then you have to go” rule, I made it down to Yawkey Way last night to see Beckett and the Sox take on the Rays.

Baseball has always been my first love and it doesn’t get any better than a game at Fenway. Being able to tack it onto a trip to a Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals is a pretty good deal too.

Just to show that the Celtics are never to far from any New Englanders mind, various “Beat L.A.” (see video below) and “Let’s Go Celtics” chants broke out between breaks in the action.

“Beat L.A.” shirts were also on sale outside of the ballpark.