Jackson Says Refs Have Impossible Job

Before last night’s game against the Celtics–the first of the series in which the Lakers shot more free throws than Boston–Coach Jackson said that he thinks teams would benefit if there were more separation between the league and its referees.

Jackson elaborated on his point after practice today, saying, “You know, I don’t think it’s developed far enough to talk about actually an entity that would operate separate ad apart or satellite apart from the NBA and run the referees from outside the league office and then have a certain sense of their training, their policing and their governing those people.”

“But, it seems to be more consistent with what we want to have happen to keep it from being influenced or being–somehow or other indiscretions happening inside the refereeing in the league office. It’s cast apprehensions in the quality of what we’re getting.”

With that said, Jackson said that he believes NBA referees have an impossible job, praising today’s officials for “doing as good a job as they possibly can.”

Jackson conceded that he believes external factors do play into referees’ minds at times, just like they do in other facets of sports and life.

“I think that influence, opinion, all the things that go into making us human lemmings, which we are, we follow fads and fashions in whatever we do, is much as effective in this game as anywhere else,” said Jackson. “But, I don’t think there’s anything you cast any aspersions on a delivered output or outlay of which direction or how referees are going to judge a game from series to series. I think that it’s as fair as they can make it.”