Lakers Expect Improvement From KG, Pierce

After Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce both struggled mightily in Game 3, Coach Jackson and Kobe both said that they believe they’ll perform better in tomorrow night’s game. While the Lakers’ defense on the duo certainly had something to do with it, the Lakers understand that the pair also missed their fair share of open shots as well.

“I don’t think we take away anything from it,” said Bryant. “In this kind of series, I don’t think there’s any particular game that will carry over to the next. Every game is its own isolated thing.”

According to Jackson, Pierce and Garnett were not their usual selves in last night’s game, reiterating that point to his team as they prepare to try and duplicate the defensive effort in Game 4.

“Well, I think they have to understand that this is a game that was just a down game for them (Pierce and Garnett),” Jackson said. “They’ll adjust to this court. They’ll get themselves in better shape for the next game. They’ll have a better offensive opportunity.”

Jackson said that in order for the Lakers to be successful as the series moves forward, they need to make sure that they don’t let all three members of the Celtics Big Three have big games–a feat that they accomplished in Game 3 as only Ray Allen managed to score more than 20 points.

“If two of the three have good games, we have to keep one of those guys at a sub-par game if we’re going to have a chance to win, and last night was a good example of that,” said Jackson.