Turiaf Hopes to Stay a Laker

With free agency looming, Ronny Turiaf said that he hopes to remain a Laker next season, but understands that it is a business decision for both parties involved.

With the team’s Finals loss to Boston still lingering, the energetic big man said that his recovery process had been aided by the presence of his mother. According to Ronny, this season brought about a great deal of adversity for the Lakers, with injuries, trades and changing lineups all taking their toll on the team that finished with the Western Conference’s best record. Through the many challenges, Turiaf said that this Lakers squad maintained a special family-like bond of its own–a relationship that he hopes to continue building in the future.

Looking ahead to the upcoming offseason, Ronny said he plans on working on his rebounding ability, overall game and his conditioning, noting that he wants to return next season in even better shape than he was before entering the NBA Draft.