Player Capsule: Sasha Vujacic

Contract Status: Restricted free agent

After years of being labeled an “11:00 a.m. shooter” by teammates and coaches, Vujacic finally provided the long range shooting proficiency the Lakers thought they were getting when they first drafted the guard nearly four years ago. In 18 minutes of play, Sasha averaged a career-high nine point per game, while shooting 44% from the field and a deadly 41% from beyond the arc. However, Vujacic not only ignited the Lakers’ offense off the bench, but also its defense as the pesky guard was tasked with defending some of the league’s preeminent point guards and shooting guards. Similar to fellow bench mate Farmar, Coach Jackson showed incredible trust in Sasha down the stretch of the season, often sliding Kobe into the three spot to accommodate Vujacic’s clutch shooting.

If Sasha and the Lakers are able to reach an agreement on a new contract, Vujacic’s role as an energetic sixth or seventh man will likely remain the same. With Kobe firmly entrenched at the shooting guard spot and the Fisher/Farmar tandem working well at point guard, Sasha will once again be relied upon to fill in the gaps at either position. Assuming his stellar outside shooting wasn’t a one year aberration, Vujacic’s two biggest concerns heading into next year are improving his decision-making skills and overall consistency.