Phil Jackson Practice Notes (10/02)

Notes from Phil Jackson’s post-practice media session on 10/02/08

  • On Andrew Bynum’s performance this morning: “He’s was okay, alright.” On his performance last night: “He was okay. I had to jump him a little bit about not letting passes go into the post, but that was about the only time I felt like he was just too relaxed out there. Not enough effort.”
  • When Jackson was asked about Andrew’s goal of scoring 20 points a game this season he replied, “Not possible. It’s not possible, there’s just not enough offense for everybody to do that kind of stuff. Pau’s going to do what he’s done in the past. Lamar’s obviously going to play a role that an accommodating role. Lamar’s a guy that can fit in and do a variety of things and doesn’t feel like he has to score, doesn’t feel the need like he has to do that. Kobe’s going to be a scorer. He’s going to shoot the basketball and Fish has to have shots to be effective.”
  • One of Bynum’s goals that Jackson does think is realistic is snaring 10+ rebounds per game. “Ten rebounds. Three blocks. Some changed shots, shots that are adjusted because of his size. Maybe a charge a game or something like that. Those are the things we want to see happen with the defense. That’s going to make us a good team.”
  • Phil talked about Lamar Odom running the point as something he would “fiddle with” in the preseason and see how it worked. The things that Jackson fiddled with last season led to an enormous amount of turnovers and never found their way into the regular season. The experiment with Odom could be held back by his conditioning. “He’s not in shape. Lamar’s not ready to play. That’s a conditioning thing that still has to be found. They’re starting to find that conditioning little by little.”
  • Jackson praised forward Vladimir Radmanovic’s quickness and speed today, two things that don’t immediately come to mind when you think of #10.