Friday Practice Notes

After Friday’s practice, Phil Jackson didn’t seem worried in the least that the team hasn’t looked great thus far, addressing only a few topics in a relatively short interview after practice. Here’s a synopsis:

- When asked about Sun Yue playing in D-League this season, Jackson had this to say: “We aren’t making any decisions about that until we see how he performs at this level.” He added that Sun has played professionally and that “he’s got a lot of moxie.”
- Asked yet again about Lamar Odom, Jackson repeated the same message: Odom needs to simply find a way to be productive on the floor. Nothing new there. He mentioned that what’s difficult is at times Odom’s a ball handler and at times he’s playing as a big guy, and it’s not easy especially with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum on the floor.

Team spokesman John Black added a quick injury update which you can find in the immediately subsequent post.

Back to the Odom bit … Though I’ve been here just a week, it seems silly to repeatedly inquire about Odom’s production – or lack there of – after 35 minutes of preseason action. It’s almost as if questions are being sent out as feelers to get a reaction out of Jackson, which might then look interesting in an article, or rather could be taken back to Odom. Perhaps it’s too easy to say “relax” when it comes to Odom – whose effort and focus has been questioned both local and nationally – but repeated questions about the same issue don’t seem to shine any new light.